Factory Five Racing (FFR)
Cobra Donor Program

Since 1996, Cypress Auto Recyclers (CAR) has supplied in excess of 400 complete and partial donors!

CAR is able to offer all types of vehicles and every possible level of kit needed, from complete donor lists to individual parts.


This CAR warranty is a basic 6-month warranty that commences from the moment that you turn the key in your vehicle. CAR understands that many of its FFR customers need time to put their kit cars together and a warranty that starts from the moment you purchase your kit is of very little use. To this end CAR offers this unique Turn Key Warranty.

The following parts are NOT covered by this warranty: Motor Mount, Clutch, Brakes Shocks and Struts, Cooling Hoses, Radiator Hoses or Water Pump.


All donors are in good running condition unless otherwise specified.


88-93 Donor - 225 H.P. 93 - 205 H.P.
5.0/Mass Air F.I./T-5 5 Speed/4 Lug Drum Brake Rear/Disc Front 10.9”/ 2.73 Ratio “Wiring Harness” - Easiest of all Donors to do a wiring diet on.

94-95 GT - 215 H.P.
5.0 Mass Air F.I./T5- 5 Speed/5 Lug 4 Wheel Disc/Vented 10.9 Front/Non Vented Rear/Front Spindle Assembly/Knuckle with Self-Contained Hub/Slide On Rotor/Single Piston Caliper/2.73 and sometimes 3.08 Ratio.

94-95 Cobra - 245 H.P. - Sport Vehicle Team Engine
5.0 Cobra SVT Engine/“Hand Assembled” Cobra Only T5 5 Speed/5 Lug 13” Front Rotors with Dual Piston Calipers/5 Lug 11.65” Rear Rotors – Vented/Usual 3.08 and sometimes 3.27 Ratio.

96-98 GT - 245 H.P.
4.6 Single Over Head Cam Module Motor/T45 5 Speed/2.73 Gears sometimes 3.08/5 Lug 10.9 Front Non Vented Rears/PATS Integrated Alarm System.
At this time almost impossible to diet harness.

96-98 COBRA - 305 H.P.
4.6 Dual Over Head Cam SVT – A Real Monster! – Tight Fit BUT It Does Fit!
5 Lug 4 Wheel Disc/13” Front with Dual Piston Calipers/10.9 Vented Rear/T45 Cobra 5 Speed/3.27 0r 3.55 Gears/PATS Alarm System.

99-02 GT - 265 H.P.
4.6 Single Over Head Cam/T45 5 Speed/Front Spindles changed to Aluminum with Aluminum
Dual Piston Calipers/Rear Axle is 1.25” Wider than 96-98/PATS Alarm System.

99-02 COBRA - 320 H.P.
4.6 Dual Over Head Cam SVT/T45 5 Speed/3.27 Ratio Independent Rear Suspension Rear Knuckles Are Not A Direct Fit to FFR/Adapt as Necessary or Exchange for T. Bird Rear Knuckles and Axle Shaft.

03-04 GT - 260 H.P. - 302 LB TOURQUE
4.6 Single Over Head Cam/TR3650 5 Speed/3.27 and 3.55 Ratio Solid Rear Axle.

03-04 Mach 1 - 305 H.P. - 320 LB TOURQUE
4.6 Dual Over Head Cam/TR3650 5 Speed/Solid Rear Axle.

03-04 COBRA – 390 H.P. – ‘Understated’
4.6 Dual Over Head Cams Supercharged/ Independent Rear Suspension/T56 6 Speed.
Very expensive and Rare.

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